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Ugh I love how they shot this whole scene. The way Athos is fully covered in his leathers and armed to the teeth and Milady is so casual and open. The way her face is so beautiful and sweet until she kisses him and she looks more aggressive and tough and his face is entirely in darkness and only catches the light when he refuses her. OH GOD DON’T LOOK AT ME.

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So let me yearn for you
As you have yearned for me
This storm has left us stranded
But there’s method to this madness
Torture me with their ugliness
And their ugly dreams
Hidden from the eyes of men

What courage
What foolishness
What strength

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Alright, just so I know, this whole d’Artagnan the apprentice musketeer thing - how long does it last?

Well as long as it’s fun!

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A study in domestic life // musketeers fake Instagram
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